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Kunzwana Mbira Group

Kunzwana Mbira Group

Nyati (Judith Juma) and Tembo (Rhoda Dzomba) have been performing together as Kunzwana Mbira Group in Zimbabwe since 1983. They became popular through their performances at traditional ceremonies, and have just begun to reach a wider audience. Kunzwana Mbira Group is special because it is rare to find two women with such an exceptional talent who have bonded to perform traditional mbira music. Kunzwana Mbira Group recently expanded in 1998 with Judith Juma's children who have grown up inspired by the traditional mbira music. Her sons Dingiswayo and Dingani, with her daughter Spiwe, alternate playing shakers, mbira, dancing, and singing during performance.

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Shamhu YaPasi

("The Earths Whip")

(2000, Length 54:11 , Notes: 4pp.)

This recording presents the traditional melodies of the Shona mbira sung with lyrics that address some of the pressing issues that face many Zimbabweans today. In the songs Ndamba Kuudzwa and Shamhu YaMambo, Judith Juma is speaking through the spirit of her great grandfather, Sekuru Nyati.


  1. Pasi Mupindu (The World Changes) (8:47)
  2. Ndamba Kuudzwa (One Who Refuses Good Advice) (9:00)
  3. Vana Vodzungaira (Our Children are Being Confused) (7:46)
  4. Vanochema Kuzorora (They are Crying for Rest) (7:44)
  5. Shamhu YaMambo (God's Whip) (10:38)
  6. Ngoma YeDzinza (Music of Our People) (6:50)


  • Judith Juma: Mbira, Vocals
  • Rhoda Dzomba : Mbira, Vocals, Hosho
  • Dingiswayo Juma: Hosho
  • Liner note details:

    This CD contains detailed descriptions of each song-Song translations will someday follow.

    Click on photos to see the larger image-warning to dial-up users, these are big files!

    Dingani Dingani Nyati and Tembo Nyati Nyati