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This is a page to try and chronicle some of the DIY projects that I have been doing. At least 90% of this inspiration can be traced back to the good folks at Group DIY.

Just about everything is still under construction and probably will be for ever, that's just the way it goes.


Things done here are also done on essentially as little money as I can possibly spend, as at this point DIY is an excess in my life that I can't justify (most of my money still goes to it anyway though!).


The Green Pre- This is a dual mic pre brought to us by Peter. He has a great site.

Stereo SSL 1176 FET Compressor Two of the classic silver-face compressors. From the Gyraf site.

G9 Tube Mic-pre- An awesome sounding dual channel tube preamp. Also from Gyraf's site.

Cavalli-Jones Headphone Amp I built this, and it sounds great, but I never use it:(

P1 Tube guitar amp Finnished this up, and gave it to a friend. Now I just play the Spitfire-from the ax84 group.

Matchless Spitfire-based guitar amp 18ish watts. 2 EL84's and a HUGE sound.

Various Schematics and amp repair pics- for my own use.