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After being constantly asked the impossible question of "what is the best CD you recorded?", I decided to make a compilation album so people could make up their own mind. It is impossible for me to have a favorite, as every recording has such a long story that I am in no way objective enough to make such decisions.

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(2004, Length 1:13:43, Notes: 8pp.)

This compilation was made in order to give the listener a chance to sample a song from each of the Mhumhi Records CD's available up to 2004. There are also two songs from the Cancune, Mozambique CD as that CD contains two distinct musics. The liner notes do not contain full translations, but there are lots of pictures to help the listener visualize each environment. The discerning listener that is interested in the study of the translations of the songs should purchase the individual CD's as they contain detailed (and accurate) line by line translations from ChiShona to English.


  1. Nyamamusango (6:41)
    (From the CD: Sekuru Gora, Chigamba, and Moyo -Vakuru Chaivo)
  2. Nhengure (9:18)
    (From the CD: Newton Gwara and the Nheravauya Mbira Group -Nhengure)
  3. Vana Vodzungaira (7:42)
    (From the CD: Kunzwana Mbira Group -Shamu YaPasi)
  4. Kombo (6:16)
    (From the CD: Mbira DzaVaNdau- From Chimanimani to Birchenaugh Bridge)
  5. Mosva Yapera Kare (5:12)
    (From the CD: Traditional Music of Cancune Mozambique - ChiSanza, Nyanga)
  6. Nyanga (5:03)
    (From the CD: Traditional Music of Cancune Mozambique - ChiSanza, Nyanga)
  7. Makatikwele (5:05)
    (From the CD: Mashozhera Mbira Group - Hurombo)
  8. Butsu Mutandarikwa (9:18)
    (From the CD: Sekuru Simon Mashoko - Hallelujah)
  9. Taivaziva Kare (7:28)
    (From the CD: Mbira DzeNharira - Kudya Kwe Nzeve)
  10. Kunatsa Muroyi (5:05)
    (From the CD: David Gweshe - Mhuri YeKwa Nohoreka)
  11. Vazimuwe (6:22)
    (From the CD: Chaka Chawasarira - Magore-Kore)